Being a writer of mystery and crime, it is important to get it right when it comes to forensics. Here are a few sites we hope will be useful when writing that perfect crime scene.

ZENO'S FORENSIC SITE - A site with sites! Run by Zeno Geradts who worked at the Netherlands Forensic Institute. The site contains links to informational, commercial, and educational sites worldwide.

CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION NETWORK - Information about various aspects of crime scene investigation, includes articles, videos, and links to other resources.

FORENSIC FIREARM TUTORIAL - A tutorial at the University of Utah covering everything from terminology, to ballistics and gunshot residue.

POLICE ONE - The site contains resources for law enforcement. News, articles, videos, and other information. The site sells law enforcement equipment and they have images of the equipment, so it is a great resource to use if you need to describe equipment.
**note** The Police One site requires Adobe Shockwave and Flash installed. When you go to the site, if you do not have them installed, it will request you download the software