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Born in North Carolina, Kelly's stint as a Tarheel was short-lived. At the age of two, her parents whisked her off to the State of Kentucky, a move that would be the first of many. Along with North Carolina and Kentucky, Kelly has resided in California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, and Texas.

Emancipated at the age of 17, with her life now her own responsibility, she discovered a few things: 1) There's a down side to using a fake id, 2) nobody believes you when you say you saw a UFO, and 3) missing the deadline to register for college classes can change your life.

Currently, she lives in St. Louis, MO with her husband and her three dogs. She spends her days managing their  Internet-based retail business, using her high-tech mobile phone to play Candy Crush, and pursuing her career as an Independent Author. She is the author of the Aspen Moore humorous mystery series and currently has a shorty story in the Fish or Cut Bait Anthology.